Bries explores the endless possibilities of visual storytelling. Founded by Ria Schulpen as a comic library in the heart of Antwerp in 1985, it finally grew into a small but adventurous editorial. Bries publishes books that move on the fine line between comics, literature and art and sets great store by production values and design. Books published by Bries are books to read, look and cherish, made by the best international authors.

Always on the lookout for new adventures, Bries opened in February 2011 an exciting creative playground in the heart of Antwerp: The Bries Space. The Bries Space was created in January 2011 by publisher Ria Schulpen (Bries publishing) and artist Benjamin Demeyere. The Bries Space organises on a regular base events in the fields of painting, illustration, graphic design, comic art, animation and sculpture. The program includes exhibitions and book presentations as well as performances.



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